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First Rule of Graphic Design

The 3 most common phrases graphic designers hear are.. Can you do a GOOD work? I don’t have too much budget, how CHEAP could it be? I need it by the end of the week, how FAST can you do it?
But the reality says that you can only combine 2 of them..

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Design Fundamentals: Patterns

Pattern is a repetitve arrangement of shapes, lines or objects elements that are repeated in the same way thoughout the whole composition, Here is list of ways how you can use patterns.

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Design Fundamentals: Flow

Have you ever seen designs where your eyes are rumbling around and you don’t know what to look at?
Design Flow is the way your eyes are led through an artwork. Designer can shape that movement like authors do it with a story. Knowing the fundamentals of design flow will help you present the elements in the right order.

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Design Fundamentals: Emphasis

Emphasis is the focal point of the artwork you create. In every work of graphic design you must make the viewer focus his attention on a specific part of the artwork. It can be a text or an object of the picture. The first time the image appears in front of the eye of the viewer, the focal point of the image will take a couple of milliseconds to draw the attention. So how can you achieve emphasis in you graphic designs?

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Design Fundamentals: Balance

No matter what type of content you are creating, it’s important that it’s balanced. The placement of the elements, the colors and other aspects will play an essential role on how to grab the attention of the human eye. So how can you achieve balance in your graphic designs?

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How Graphic Design is Applied

Let’s see in more details HOW Graphic Design can be applied.
There are plenty of areas in which a graphic designer can work, but the most common are…

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