In this first tutorial I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of the Pen tool an how to use it to create the Nike logo.


  • ADD an anchor point.
  • DELETE an anchor point.
  • MOVE an anchor point.
  • Define the STROKE settings. 
  • Use shortchuts to better use the PEN tool.

Finally, I will end the tutorial by giving a simple example on how to put in practice all I told you to create the NIKE logo.

If you want to practice on your own, click here to download the practice file.

If you think that the NIKE logo was easy, try taking your practice to the next level by doing this curve!


How to use the Pen Tool - Curve

Right click & save image as to download the curve


As it is my FIRST tutorial please don’t hesitate to leave your comments on how it can be improved! 


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